Foreword by Jaime Casap

We are very pleased to announce that the foreword for Power Up will be by Jaime Casap. Jaime is the Chief Education Evangelist at Google and the best person we could have asked for to extoll the value of integrating technology in education. As a first generation American, Jaime knows first hand the power that education has to change a person's destiny. Growing up in Hell's Kitchen in New York he had limited information access through a small local library. Today, as a key member of the Google in Education team, he works with schools and districts around the world to improve the quality of education for all children.

In his foreword for Power Up, Jaime makes a powerful case for using computers in schools to close the achievement gap and give all students access to quality instruction. And, lucky for us, he also believes that quality professional development is a crucial part of helping teachers meet the needs of diverse student populations as they integrate technology and 1:1 programs in their classrooms. We think his voice is a wonderful opening for Power Up, as it sets the stage for why transforming our classrooms with 1:1 is worth the time and effort of amazing teachers.

You can follow Jaime on Google+ at +Jaime Casap and Twitter @jcasap