Chapter 2 opens with a visit to a seventh grade science class to show how a good learning management system (LMS) really helps a 1:1 classroom run smoothly. The rest of the chapter addresses other suggestions for communication, digital citizenship and work flow. There is an example of a teacher working through a work flow solution for her classroom and a review of some tools that help with work flow in the classroom. The second half of the chapter is rich in suggestions about the logistics of running a digital classroom from organization to monitoring student work and ends with a review of the changing roles of teachers and students in 1:1 classrooms. 

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Chapter Resources

In Chapter 2 we mention that an online space is pretty essential for the logistics of a 1:1 classroom. Chances are that your school or district is already providing you with a suggested learning management system (LMS) and training about how it works, but if you are looking for something on your own here are some suggestions. 

Slides for Professional Development