Power Up: Making the Shift to 1:1 Teaching and Learning

So your school is going 1:1 (one device for every student)? We are both classroom teachers, and were in your shoes just a few short years ago. And, as exciting as it was for us to have the opportunity to teach in a technology-rich environment, we didn’t want to feel pressured to abandon all of the “good teaching” pedagogy we had refined over the years. We wrote this book as our answer to that transition. The foundation of Power Up is comprised of research-based best practices in our field, focusing on the principles of pedagogy that have guided good teaching for years -- communication, engagement, collaboration, audience, differentiation, assessment, creativity, and ownership of learning. We build off of that foundation, giving you classroom-tested strategies across subject areas and grade levels for enriching, extending, and ultimately transforming your teaching using technology. We know from our own experience that the possibilities afforded by 1:1 are exciting and immeasurable. So, step on into our classrooms and the classrooms of our friends and colleagues to see for yourself. We’ll show you the way.


Power Up: Making the Shift to 1:1 Teaching and Learning provides clear, classroom-tested examples of what is possible when every student has technology at his or her fingertips. Written by classroom teachers who also coach other teachers, this practical, pedagogy-based book is rich in strategies that teachers can try with their students as soon as they are ready.


Each chapter references tools and tips for classroom success. We have curated those tools for you here, and have updated the lists with any new technology that deserves to make the cut. If your school is using Power Up for professional development, you will also find our chapter guides for reading groups, as well as our slide decks for use with your faculty.


Teaching can be an isolating business if we let it be. When we stay in our own space, with our own curriculum and our own students, our ideas and methods run the risk of getting stale. Our creative energy can fade. Our real-world relevance can dwindle. Join the conversation with Jen, Diana, and other educators who are going 1:1.