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Power Up is a practical and pedagogically-based professional text for teachers who are new to the idea of teaching with a device for every student. Realistically, it takes three to five years for a teacher to incorporate educational technology into his or her practice, if there is effective coaching all along the way. As schools and districts increasingly adopt a 1:1 model, there are many teachers left asking, “What do I do with these things?” School-wide professional development is usually just a few days, and rarely gets past the nuts and bolts of how the computers and tablets work. Then, teachers go back to their classrooms to “figure it all out”. Power Up is aimed at middle school and high school teachers who are facing the challenge and possibility of “figuring out” a 1:1 classroom, and is a cornerstone text that educators can rely on as a resource for the entire three to five years of their transition to 1:1 teaching.

At the heart of this text is a deep respect for the adage that “good teaching is good teaching.” As a result, Power Up is organized around the principles of pedagogy that have guided good teaching for years -- communication, engagement, collaboration, audience, differentiation, assessment, creativity, and ownership of learning. Neebe and Roberts coach teachers through their initial concerns, lead them through the beginning of their classroom enrichment, and inspire them to continue innovating as they extend and transform their pedagogy. Through detailed classroom examples, questions, and suggestions, they provide a framework for shaping the transformation of a traditional classroom into a student-centered, technology-rich learning environment.

  • Power Up is designed to meet teachers where they are. The text is divided into three sections: enrich, extend, transform. Teachers who are very new to teaching with technology should start at “enrich.” Teachers who have experience teaching with technology and who are looking to ignite their instruction may choose to start at “extend” or “transform.”

  • Each chapter has a Plug In section of suggestions to try right away, as well as a Power Up section of challenges to work on over time, putting the digital pedagogy featured in the chapter into practice.

  • Power Up is structured in ten chapters to reflect the ten months of the school year. Instructional coaches can use this book as a year-long framework for their professional development programs to support teachers who are going 1:1, drawing upon the Power Up study guide for additional discussion questions and prompts. Some schools may prefer to spread the book study out over two years, taking two months per chapter; other schools may consider running two tracks - a one-year program and a two-year program - to differentiate the pace of professional development based on teacher readiness.

Praise for Power Up:

"In this accessible, hands-on book Diana Neebe and Jen Roberts share a wealth of creative lesson ideas, how-to examples, useful tools and collaboration tips for educators ramping up their technology skills to improve teaching and enrich learning for all students." --Brian Lewis, CEO, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)

"Power Up goes beyond implementation of technology; it offers a practical guide to help teachers truly transform how they use technology in the classroom, with the ultimate goal of engaging all students...[It] is a timely must have that motivates and empowers teachers to capitalize on the world our students live in while making learning more relevant and meaningful to the students we serve." --Dr. Laurie Barron, National Middle School Principal of the Year (2013), Superintendent of Evergreen School District (MT)

"Jen and Diana have created a must-read book for those that are already in 1:1 mobile device situations and are looking for good ideas, for those that are planning a 1:1 initiative, and for any educator who wants to learn pedagogically-sound ways to embed technology into teaching and learning and the practical methods to do so!" --Kathy Schrock, Educational Technologist and Speaker

"Diana Neebe and Jen Roberts are both outstanding educators who intentionally integrate technology to make a real difference in students lives. Their book provides a window into their classrooms and the classrooms of similarly expert teachers, offering practical advice and insightful examples to guide readers as we all work to enrich, extend, and transform teaching and learning in our classrooms." --Heather Lattimer, author of Thinking Through Genre

"This book will help you navigate the transition you are about to experience as you enrich, extend, and transform learning in your 1:1 classroom." --Jaime Casap, Google Global Education Evangelist

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