Professional Development Materials

Ten Workshops for Instructional Technology Coaches


Leading professional development at your school or district using Power Up? We have created ten workshops to help facilitate your PD efforts. Each workshop has a slide deck that corresponds with a chapter in the book. View all ten of our workshop slide decks by clicking the Google Drive folder. Then, make a copy of the folder, and adapt and tweak to make them work for you!

Please note: these workshops are licensed under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial, Share-Alike, Attribution License. You are welcome to use them with your school or district, with credit to Neebe and Roberts, but may not present them for commercial purposes.

Study Guide for Teams Reading Power Up

Instructional coaches can readily use this book as a year-long framework for their professional development programs to support teachers who are going 1:1. We have written a comprehensive study guide for your PLCs and teams to deepen your discussions and improve your workshops. Click here for a copy of the free Power Up study guide, courtesy of Stenhouse Publishers.

Copyright, Creative Commons, Public Domain, and Fair Use

In Appendix A of the book, we outline the basics of Copyright, Creative Commons, Public Domain, and Fair Use. Below are some links to help deepen your understanding of these critical concepts, and to help facilitate your instruction around digital citizenship for your students:

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